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Quartet is a simple but addictive puzzle game where you assemble pieces into faces and score points. Don't be too slow, or you will lose! This is the Game Boy version of the original Quartet game by Photon Storm.

The game is designed for the original monochrome Game Boy, but also to take advantage of later models with color displays. So if you run it on a GBC, GBA or even SGB you get a glorious full color experience.

The ROM file can be installed on almost any flash cart for Game Boy. Only 32KB ROM is required (no MBC or RAM). An optional battery backed SRAM can be used to store high scores and settings.

The game pak is available for order at Catskull Electronics:

Install instructions

To run this game on Windows or Mac OS, first get a GameBoy emulator. Then load "quartet.gb" to play.

A good emulator for Windows and Mac OS is SameBoy.


quartet_gb.zip 460 kB

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