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Classic indie puzzle game Ninja Twins recreated on GameBoy, with unique SNES soundtrack.


This game uses 32KB ROM only (no MBC, no cart RAM).

This game utilizes the Super Game Boy adapter (SGB) when available for an enhanced experience, including SNES-based background music.

Ninja Twins for Game Boy was developed by Mackerel Interactive based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ninja Twins was originally created by Kronbits in 2013. The level design and graphics in this version have been implemented to stay as close as possible to the original game. This version includes 25 of the originals 30 levels.

The music has been newly composed for GB/SGB, except for the menu music which has been reimplemented from the original game.


Ninja Twins game cartridge can be purchased from Ferrante Crafts (EUR) or
InsideGadgets (AUS).

You play in an emulator and there's no music?

If you hear some sound effects but no music, it's most likely because you're playing in an emulator with limited SGB support¹.

  • To play with SNES music: switch to a SNES emulator with SGB support such as bsnes or Mesen. You'll need the SGB ROM file too. Can't help you with that.
  • To play with GB music: set your GB emulator to run in standard GB or GBC mode.

¹Many GB emulators (such as BGB or SameBoy) will play the game in SGB mode with the correct colors and border graphics, but don't emulate the SNES sound chip.


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Incredible work with the SGB. And in 32KB!
Great work, thanks

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!